“I have read many things from the pen of Tim Wilkins over the past few years and have never been disappointed with the balance that he strikes between expressing compassion for the one who struggles with same-sex attractions and the call to lead such people in the Biblical path of freedom from sinful behavior in Christ. Tim is a bright and intelligent light… and I could not recommend him more highly.” 

David Kyle Foster, Executive Director
Mastering Life Ministries
Author Sexual Healing and Transformed Into His Image: Hidden Steps on the Journey to Christlikeness


“Tim Wilkins has the ability to shred the politically correct position on homosexuality with both clarity and compassion. Tim was one of the few speakers we’ve ever had who was applauded when he was introduced and applauded after he concluded. Some of Tim’s comments clearly rocked the congregation awake. When he said, ‘The opposite of homosexuality is holiness’ the application went far beyond homosexuals and into the lives of every person in the audience.


Tim’s presentation goes beyond homosexuality and impacts every heart. He shared how his prayer for deliverance had changed. Where once he had prayed for God to change him and then he would obey – he began to obey and then God changed him. That message is needed for every teenager, father, mother and single adult anywhere who hopes to walk with Christ in a holy, distinctive manner. Tim’s commitment to obeying the scripture regardless of feelings and emotions was a wake up call to our congregation. May his tribe increase!


Rev Stephen Davey, Pastor
Colonial Baptist Church


“I am happy to write this letter of endorsement on behalf of Cross Ministry, a ministry in Raleigh, North Carolina. Cross Ministry is under the capable directorship of Mr. Tim Wilkins, whom I respect as a man of unusual energy, passion and focus on the mission of proclaiming freedom in Christ for men and women trapped by homosexuality. We applaud his efforts. I heartily recommend Cross Ministry as a compassionate, credible, and Christ-centered ministry deserving of your support.”


Bob Davies, author
Coming Out of Homosexuality; Someone I Love is Gay and Portraits of Freedom
Executive Director Emeritus Exodus International


“Cross Ministry is one of the most unique Christian ministries I have seen in years. It teems with the grace of God and is presented in a context that is not only believable but also biblical. Wilkins’ approach is honest and direct without being antagonistic and Cross addresses a serious need that most of Christendom is either afraid of or unwilling to address. I believe the visibility that Cross gives of the true life-changing power of God to homosexuals and others affected by homosexuality is becoming a positive and dynamic source of hope, encouragement, and Christian direction in our local community. As a pastor, I commend this ministry to you. The opportunities to receive the impact of Cross via speaking/teaching engagements and available resources are worth your time.”


Dr. David Cox, Pastor


“Tim Wilkins is a most compassionate as well as articulate man. He is a phenomenal teacher. His presentations combine the LOVE of Christ with the TRUTH of the Word of God that leaves the individual with a balanced view that sacrifices neither. His vulnerability and courage is evident as he shares his story, and gives flesh to the transforming power of God for all who are caught in the struggle with homosexuality. Tim’s journey into wholeness is real. He has suffered well, done his homework, and answered the call to tell of the true freedom that all believers might have. He is a LIVING EPISTLE that was more than a delight to read…he brought light into darkness and hope into despair!”


Jim Gentile, Former Executive Director
Transforming Congregations


“Tim Wilkins was the first person that I ever met who had been set free from homosexuality. He is articulate, compassionate, and conveys God’s love for the gay and lesbian community like few people that I have met. Tim is truly an example of what it means to love homosexuals as Jesus would. He has been an encouragement to me. It makes me proud to know that he is out there sharing his story.”


Chad Thompson
Author, Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would
Founder/Director of lovinghomosexuals.com and Inqueery.com


“MORE THAN WORDS is a wonderful conference. Tim Wilkins does a masterful job of speaking about a very serious and tense issue. Tim’s humor helps everyone feel comfortable. The love of Christ is evident in what he says and how he leads the conference. He is a gifted preacher and our people were blessed by his sermon as well as the very important and vital information he shares about homosexuality. I highly recommend MORE THAN WORDS.”


Dr. David Dockery, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Princeton, West Virginia