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Why Cross Ministry?
Since 1996, Cross has proclaimed freedom from unwanted same-sex attractions and provided biblical resources to their friends and family. Whether through a TV or radio interview, Cross’ compassionate approach has garnered the attention of The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Times, NPR, Religion News Service, Catholic Reporter, Moody Broadcasting Network and a host of other media outlets. Interdenominational in scope, Cross recommends everyone turn down the heat on the subject and turn up the light.
Tim Wilkins, the founder of Cross Ministry created and conducted the first MORE THAN WORDS conference in 1997. Since then thousands of people, all across the United States and beyond, have heard solid biblical insights into the “why” of homosexuality and more importantly, the “way out” of homosexuality. Whether in a local church or a larger setting, MORE THAN WORDS avoids the unending arguments about homosexuality and focuses- like a laser – on how to walk someone out of homosexuality. MORE THAN WORDS – in a webinar format – affords anyone, anywhere to attend in the privacy of their home, office or dorm room. No travel, hotel or meal expenses. If you have a computer, you can attend MORE THAN WORDS.
Why Tim Wilkins?
Wilkins holds a BA in Music and a Master’s in theology. His real credentials lie in his determination to leave homosexuality at age 23 and follow Christ wherever the journey took. His transparency has generated speaking opportunities in China, The Ukraine, England, Africa and The Netherlands. He has spoken for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, been interviewed by Bill Maher, and written for numerous outlets including Preaching Magazine, Breakpoint, and Focus on the Family. His articles have been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Serbian, German and Portuguese.

What are some topics that MORE THAN WORDS addresses?

  • When the conventional wisdom is foolish
  • The words we use and how they confuse
  • Is it a choice? NO, NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO!
  • It’s NOT about change!
  • Why “praying away the gay” doesn’t work and what does
  • Why much of what we think about homosexuality is wrong
 What people are saying about MORE THAN WORDS?

My husband and I attended the conference and heard you speak. I was nodding my head almost constantly because everything you said made sense.
A mother (Pennsylvania)

My parents shared your literature with me over the past two years. From what I read, the message seemed to be that I could be “turned straight”. This was confusing and the word “brainwashed” kept coming to mind. My views have changed now and I see more clearly what your ministry is doing – that it encourages more becoming a follower of Christ than becoming heterosexual and I think that message should be in BOLD letters on the front page of every newsletter.  I have ceased all homosexual activity. And if it is God’s plan that I develop opposite-sex attractions, then God will reveal that to me in time.
A young man (Oklahoma)

It was good to hear you speak; my wife said it best – “dynamic”. I believe people heard undiluted truth. Thanks for being bold and unashamed of what God has done for you.
A husband and father (North Carolina)

I’m so thankful I attended your conference at our church. And thanks for talking with me about my son. You may recall I asked how I should respond to my son’s “partner”. You told me to pray for him rather than despise him; you said both of them need Christ. I have taken your advice and it has been a strong witness to my son.
A mother (South Carolina)

Thank you for the recent conference in our area. I thought it was excellent! Would that I could have attended such a conference 50 years earlier.
A father whose son has same-sex attractions (Florida)

We invited our (lesbian) daughter to hear you speak and she reluctantly agreed. Begrudgingly, she sat next to us, her arms folded, frown on her face and jaw clenched. As you spoke of Christ’s power in your life, she listened intently. At the close, our weeping daughter was the first to bolt out of the pew and up front. God bless you!”
A mother (North Carolina)

It takes courage to get up before 3,000 students and faculty at a conservative evangelical university and share your testimony.
A university student (Ohio)

You are showing more compassion than anyone I know to homosexuals.
A college sophomore (Georgia)

An awakening has taken place in me and you have played a part. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
A young man (Canada)

Thank you for your witness. I’m a three year old Christian walking with Christ daily to leave homosexuality. It has not been easy considering the twenty years I have spent in four different relationships. I’m never tired of hearing another struggler’s witness; your story had the tears flowing. In my loneliness God has filled my despair with hope.
A young man (Arizona)

You probably remember me from the conference – I’m African American and have same-sex attractions. I’m writing to let you know I gave my life to Jesus; I now practice obedience to the Lord and left my lifestyle behind.
A new Christian (Florida)

What a joy to meet you. Upon my return home I spoke with our son, who 11 years ago would never have considered reading ex-gay literature. He read your story and could relate. The love you have for souls stands out very plainly in your speech.
A mother (Ohio)